Restoration part 8 – indoors

The cottage originally had the classic 3 room layout. No heating, only a Stanley stove which originally would have been a wide open fire. The chimney breast was massive taking up 1/10th of the floor space.

Floors were concrete but we found were completely unlevel. Turned out that the entire cottage was unlevel, one end 3ft higher than the other. We levelled it by digging out the higher floor, alot of work done by hand. The cottage was built on a field without foundations or levels.

Access to the new loft rooms upstairs was also a problem that had to be solved. We did not want to take up alot of floor space with a stairs, we decided on a steel spiral staircase, custom made.

Spiral staircase
Loft room upstairs
Deep windows
Inside the eyebrow windows
Pre insulation
New chimney breast
Upstairs window on gable
Stanley range
Main bedroom

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