Ballyglass Thatched Cottage Ireland

The Cottage and Farm

Welcome to Ballyglass Thatched Cottage Blog. I hope to post new information on a regular basis. There should be news on both the cottage and the farm, be sure to keep an eye out!

Restoration part 8 – indoors

The cottage originally had the classic 3 room layout. No heating, only a Stanley stove which originally would have been a wide open fire. The chimney breast was massive taking up 1/10th of the floor space. Floors were concrete but we found were completely unlevel. Turned out that the entire cottage was unlevel, one end […]

Restoration part 7 – a proud man

After almost one year the house is ready outside. Half door installed. Still a mountain to do indoors. My father Ray was in his 60s at this stage there’s not many who could do this type of work each day. The project is taking longer than expected, it’s evolving and growing each week. He loves […]

Yarrow, slow down and look down

If you slow down and look down sometimes there are things to be seen For safety when going on a journey. ‘Pull 10 leaves of the yarrow and throw one leaf away put the 9 others in a white cloth and tie it with a string around your neck.


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