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The Cottage and Farm

Welcome to Ballyglass Thatched Cottage Blog. I hope to post new information on a regular basis. There should be news on both the cottage and the farm, be sure to keep an eye out!

Swans in the pond

Nearly every year a pair of swans appear in the lough. However one died last year, swans pair for life. Two have appeared this week, January 2022, it is probably a new couple. This photo is taken in one if the new ponds, part of which was always present. Thanks Niall

Bird nest boxes

I made these bird best boxes out if leftover wood. Costs nothing except 1 hour of time. They look rough but nature is not neat. I’ve installed them in Ballyglass January 2022, I hope the help some birds to breed. Thanks Niall

Bat Nest Boxes

Bats are important species and useful to us humans, they eat flying insects, insects which humans rarely like. In order to encourage more bats I built 3 bat nest boxes. I used marine ply and felt, the design is from Birdwatch Ireland. December 2021. I’ve installed 2 of the boxes in the Sycamore trees on […]

One falls

Tree down from storm December 2021. One of the trees planted by my father in 2010 or so. A strong Willow I think. What remains is a small amount of firewood and a home for insects and hedgehogs maybe. The tree still lives, new shoots appearing from the stump already. Amazing how large some trees […]


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