Ponds part 2

Originally dug these 3 ponds last winter. I was interested to find out how they would work in terms of water and biodiversity. Mixed bag, lots of life, dried up over the summer.

I’ve tidied them up and will plant some trees later. This will not be the end of the changes to the ponds, a work in progress.

These were completely dry 4 weeks ago.

Restoration part 13 – before and after

The cottage building works were completed end of 2007, 2 1/2 years after starting.

The completion of furnishings etc may have taken a year or so more.

Hard to believe how much work it took and how well it turned out.

Today the cottage is available as a short term holiday letting. It is loved by many.




Restoration part 11 – all watertight

Early summer 2006. Some garden work. We levelled the garden and sowed wildflowers instead of lawn. This area was completely overgrown with briars, an old orchard can be seen on the right, these trees were planted by our ancestors over 100 years ago. They’re still producing.

Wildflower garden and thatch
Wildflower garden
Sheds sealed